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39mm Diameter Black Heatshrink 3:1

39mm Diameter Black Heatshrink 3:1


39mm Diameter x 1m Black Heatshrink 3:1

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Supplied in 1 metre lengths
Thermally stabilised flame retardant polyolefin material
Shrink ratio 3:1
Shrinking temperature +80ºc
Excellent flexibility and insulation
Excellent flame retardent properties
Temperature range -55°c to +125°c
UL approved
39mm is the internal diameter before shrinking
Purchase more than 1 length and it will be supplied in one continuous length.
Weight per 1m length: 86grms
This size product may come as tubing or as lay flat tubing which measures approx 60mm across the flat
Measurments: A = 39mm B = 13mm